Industry Symposia

Thursday 5th October
10:30 / 12:30

Room 101

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ISQ as an objective key value for digital workflows and the importance of resonance frequency analysis guiding clinical decisions for complex cases
Steven Eckert (USA), Giorgio Tabanella (Italy), Luis Cuadrado (Spain)

Moderator: Marcus Dagnelid (Sweden)

Patient focused Implant Dentistry is changing and protocols especially around immediate loading are being redefined to accommodate the benefits of digital planning/ diagnostic tools. There is therefore a need for an objective tool to guide and optimize the whole implant treatment, valid for complex as well as simple cases. These speakers represent more than 30 years of combined experience with Osstell and the ISQ scale in daily practice and will in this unique and interactive lecture discuss the process of osseointegration success in various treatment indications, illustrated by cases and data.

10:30 / 12:30

Room 105

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Sweden & Martina

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17:00 / 19:00

Auditorium 103

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Geistlich Biomaterials

New treatment methods in soft tissue management
Giovanni Zucchelli (Italy), Mariano Sanz (Spain), Daniel Thoma (Switzerland)

Moderator: Christoph Hämmerle (Switzerland)

The first part of the Geistlich Symposium will focus on optimal flap designs for soft tissue augmentation, key factors for successful healing and current trends on how to handle soft tissue dehiscences. The following presentations will give deeper insights into soft tissue management procedures at implant sites and the coverage of recessions – all in the light of the question: “When do autogenous grafts remain the gold standard – and when can they be replaced by innovative biomaterial solutions?” An interactive panel discussion focusing on treatment planning of a clinical case will round off the symposium.

17:00 / 19:00

Room 101

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17:00 / 19:00

Room 105

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Nobel Biocare

Advancements and Innovation to bring predictable and cost effective solutions to more patients – introduction to a new edentulous concept
José-Manuel Navarro (Spain)

Nobel Biocare Forum - Innovative Treatment Protocols – Shortening Time to Teeth

Why & How are we doing Immediate Implant placements, development and focus on patient
Joseph Kan (United States)

The session will cover contemporary clinical solutions for shortening time to teeth from immediate single tooth, emerging technology and integrated digital workflow to a new concept to treat the edentulous mandible with fixed definitive bridge in single surgical appointment.

How can digital dentistry facilitate the workflow – from planning to final restoration for optimal outcomes?
Leon Pariente Karim Dada (France)

Optimize the biology and soft tissue behaviour for esthetic end results
Eric Rompen (Belgium)

Friday 6th October
17:15 / 19:15

Auditorium 103

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In modern dental implantology, patients and dentists expect not only a safe and predictable treatment outcome, but they also look for cost- and time-efficient solutions. In the following presentations, the presenters discuss various effective treatment concepts, and they define the requirements for a successful treatment outcome.

Achieving optimal results with immediate implant placement in the aesthetic zone.
Daniele Cardaropoli (Italy)

Clinical evaluation of fixed, complete, implant-supported overdentures performed in mandible using a combination of the Straumann® Roxolid® Implants of 4 mm and conventional length.
José Luis Calvo Guirado (Spain)

Successful treatment of edentulous patients using the Straumann® ProArch® concept with tilted distal implants.
Helena Francisco (Portugal)

Practical experience with the Straumann® Novaloc® retentive elements in combination with removable implant overdentures.
Charlotte Stilwell (UK)

17:15 / 19:15

Room 101

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BTI Biotechnology Institute

Pushing the limits of minimally invasive techniques in implant dentistry
Eduardo Anitua (Spain)

Modern implant dentistry is moving toward implant treatment completion in shorter time, optimize cost and evidence-supported predictability. This trend change is the net outcome of collaboration between companies, researchers and clinicians. This human convergent work will be presented in this session where new strategies for treatment planning and execution will be the essence of cutting-edge presentations of several leading researchers and clinicians.  

New insights in the management of tooth extraction
- Evidence-based clinical assessment of Endoret® (PRGF®) in tooth extraction. Massimo del Fabbro (Italy)
- Immediate implant placement in aesthetic zone. Small details that make the difference. 

Short and extra-short implants: where is the limit?
- Biometric-guided treatment of severe atrophy in posterior maxilla: one visit surgery?
- The osteogenic potential of UnicCa dental implants
- Prosthetic rehabilitation of short dental implants: step by step.

Saturday 7th October
13:00 / 14:00

Room 115

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Alpha-Bio Tec.

The way to Itaka: from vision to clinical implication.
(), Dieter Bosshardt (Switzerland), Ofer Moses (Israel)

Revolutionary surgical solutions while exploring implant housing biology require combination of vision, open minds, precise animal models and surgical skills. Collaboration with experts in histology is crucial to obtain high-quality results, and their correct interpretation ultimately indicates innovative implications for academic and clinical use. 


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